Our goal is to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with you. Whether you are seeking to speak to a few groups with relevant experience, managing a competitive process, or have an opportunity in which you require a buyside engagement we understand, how hard you have worked. Business owners expect from you a prospective buyer with the right experience, attitude and ability to execute on a transaction. And it doesn’t matter how prepared or not the company is to be sold, you are expected to perform.

Having been investors in small and medium sized businesses since 1968, we appreciate that more than most. That is why we have built our business to meet your needs of your clients. Here is how:

  • We have experience executing on transactions from businesses that have minimal systems and information to businesses that have overly complex systems.
  • Our team has deep operations experience allowing us to understand all aspects of the business and its personnel.
  • In certain circumstances, an owner may be seeking to retire without a full succession plan thought out – we have the ability to carefully and thoughtfully identify talent in advance to provide for a seamless transition
  • We treat confidentiality as paramount providing your client with confidence in sharing sensitive information
  • We will always provide you with timely feedback and transparency into our decision making process so you can advise your client appropriately
  • Our success is based on a high level of mutual trust with the business owner and management team. We avoid games and last minute surprises that other buyers may employ.
  • If you require a buyside agreement, we ensure that you are protected and well compensated – more importantly, if we do not see a fit, we will share that with you so you can find a more suitable prospective acquirer