Union Capital’s history extends over 50 years. Through this period, we have continually refined our approach to meet the needs of the owners and the management teams.

  • 1968

    Union Capital is founded by Chicago native, James C. Marlas, with big dreams and $5,000. His vision is to invest in small and medium sized companies and accelerate their growth by providing them with greater access to capital and allowing management to meaningfully participate in the value they help create.
  • 1968

    On February 7th, 1968, a fire and explosion destroyed the corporate headquarters and largest manufacturing facility of Mickelberry Food Products, a publicly traded company with several wholly owned meat and baked products businesses.
  • 1969-1971

    Union Capital acquires controlling interest in Mickelberry Food Products and becomes Union Capital’s publicly traded affiliate. Through this investment, Union Capital now has 6 portfolio companies in the food processing industry.
  • 1972

    Union Capital begins investing in business services companies with its investment in Daniel & Charles, a leading marketing agency focused on packaged goods. The firm goes on to make over 30 investments in the marketing services and business process outsourcing industries.
  • 1972

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. becomes Chairman of Union Capital’s Mickelberry affiliate. He brought experience serving as a congressman and under secretary of commerce.
  • 1973

    Union Capital makes its first specialty manufacturing business investment outside the food industry into specialty printer, Sandy Alexander. Since this time, Union Capital has made numerous investments in a variety of specialty manufacturers.
  • 1983

    Union Capital’s affiliate, Mickelberry, becomes listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 1986

    Art Murray joins Sunshine Biscuits (maker of Cheez-It crackers) and later becomes President and CEO. He grew it from $400 million to $700 million and led the company until in its sale to Keebler in 1996.
  • 2004

    Jay Landauer joins Union Capital to rejuvenate the investment program. He brings experience having been involved in leadership roles in several small companies. In addition, he spent time in sales and uses this knowledge to revamp Union Capital's approach to meeting the needs of business intermediaries.
  • 2005

    Bill Ogden joins Union Capital to lead the firm’s investment program. Prior to joining he previously ran Prudential Insurance’s US Direct Private Equity group. Bill brings many of the skills he utilized at Prudential along with a focus on talent enhancement and process improvement he learned while serving in the US Navy’s pilot training program.
  • 2005

    Art Murray rejoins Union Capital on the investment team as the firm recognized early on the need to have in-house operational expertise to better understand and assist management teams.
  • 2006

    Reis Alfond joins the Union Capital team. He brings to the team many tools from his time advising companies on data driven decision making with high degrees of uncertainty.
  • 2007

    Union Capital acquires Fieldbrook Foods, a private label ice cream novelty company. At the time of acquisition, Ken Johnson is promoted to CEO. Ken will later join Union Capital as an operating partner.
  • 2011

    Kevin Delaplane joins the Union Capital team. Kevin previously ran the Asset Based Lending group at Bank of Montreal where he made loans to hundreds of mid-sized businesses. He develops our unique approach to working with finance teams to assist pre and post acquisition.
  • 2011

    An affiliate of Union Capital makes its first invest in the franchise restaurant industry with its investment in Consolidated Wings, a leading Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee group. The company is led by Dan Holland who prior to this role served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Papa Johns. Dan later becomes a Union Capital operating partner and works on the franchised restaurant team.
  • Today

    Union Capital, now led by Bill, Reis and Jay, and based in Connecticut, continues what Jim Marlas began over 50 years ago focusing on solving the needs of owner founder and family-owned businesses